rejuvit systems - fleet refresh. repair & cleaning


  • High volume throughput 
  • Technicians have a collective total of 40+ years of PCB repair experience
  • Established engineering team, is agile, goal oriented and proficient
  • Optimized process = quicker turnaround
  • Equipment used in facility is ESD safe
  • All facilities and warehouse locations are under high security

Introductory Service Pricing:

Board Repair Prices Starting at $100
Services Prices
Ultrasonic Cleaning + Diagnostics $35 per board
$80 per ASIC
Fan Replacement $14 each
Frequency Adjustment $20 per board
Temp Sensor $20 per sensor
Basic Repair
[Cable, Screws, Heatsinks, Firmware, etc]
$35 per ASIC
PIC Change + Flash $40 per board
Trace Repair $45 per board
PSU Repair $49
ASIC Chip Replacement $20 per chip
Control Board Swap $115
[Antminer + Whatsminer]